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When I was thirty, I quit my banking career to chase my dream of ‘doing something creative.’ My journey since then has been full of ups and downs and many detours but each passing day makes me more and more certain that this is my yellow brick road. And that every step I take on this road is getting me closer to my essence.

While I was in finance, I was surrounded by many people who either considered themselves ‘non-creative’ or who harbored secret creative dreams but didn’t think they had the ‘talent’ to do it. Because as a civilization, we do not push our children to explore the arts as much as we push them towards academics or even sports. Only the ones naturally inclined are given the resources to explore them more. And they are the ones deemed ‘creative’.

I believe that everyone is creative. I believe that ‘talent’ is an over-rated term. And that a strong desire to learn and consistent practice can create magic.

Through my newsletter, I hope to give you a little nudge to play again. To explore your inner artist, one baby step at a time. You will probably hear from me no more than once in two or three months. You will get a glimpse into my life as an illustrator - hear about any books I illustrate, products I launch and classes I teach. And you will also receive little suggestions from time to time, little ideas inviting you to try something new and playful and to discover your inner artist.

I’d love for you to join me on this journey.

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Kavita Rajput is an illustrator and surface designer. She creates heartwarming visual stories with transparent watercolors and delicate patterns. She lives in New York City with her husband, two sons and pampered dog.